Siyuan Ren

Siyuan Ren is passionate about painting peonies, the national flower of China, reflecting her deep love and nostalgia for the country of her birth.  To our western eyes, Siyuan's work is classically Chinese in style, yet her love of Monet and Van Gogh can be found in her delicate and beautiful paintings.

Siyuan's floral paintings range from paintings in the traditional Chinese court style using Chinese ink and pigments on silk (sometimes stretched on to a fan) or rice paper to a more western style of oil on canvas or board.  As Siyuan says, "having absorbed the spirits of both China and western culture, my paintings are a reflection of these places.  I feel I am on a life long mission to introduce classical Chinese art and culture to the world."

Her floral paintings, while meticulously crafted are at times brooding and moodily evocative.  Intricately drawn petals sit on dark washes of colour . . . a touch of Vincent maybe?