Loz Atkinson


Loz Atkinson has been looking up!  Her latest show at the Cank Street Gallery,  curated in collaboration with the Leicester Society of Artists, features a series of cloud paintings and paintings of imagined nebula.  Layered and interrupted by geometry these beautiful paintings concern themselves with "the human need to measure, understand and conquer the existential mysteries of the universe".

Her work has a mystical quality, we can gaze into the cosmos and marvel at the vastness of the universe but only for a moment before a line, an edge or a shape crashes us back to earth, as it were.

Loz has exhibited extensively, internationally and BEYOND,  as one of her imagined nebula works is currently travelling through outer space on the NASA probe OSIRIS-REx.  

Loz's work will be on show at the Cank Street Gallery until April 5th.