Jane Sunbeam

Jane studied Fine Art in Leicester, where her work explored ancient folklore, fairy-tales and myths using print and paint based processes.  After graduating, she continued to exhibit and began teaching part-time, helping others find their creative voice, so they too could tell their own personal stories.  The need for narrative remained strong, and in 2016 Jane completed a MA in Children's Illustration from the Cambridge School of Art. 

"My work has always been inspired by the narrative - whether that be a line of poetry, a book, a myth.  It can be more immediate - with its origins from my own personal life story or  something I sketch from the world around me.  I love seeing a simple thought being transported from my mind onto paper."  

Jane works in a variety of ways, including painting and machine embroidery.  But her first love is printmaking, especially collagraphs.  "I try to experiment with creating the printed images - with no two being the same - a slight hint of a different colour here, an extra cut there.  I want each piece to have something unique about it."

Jane often transposes the collagraph prints into screen prints - continuing the unique feel by collaging or hand painting the backgrounds before the final, key layer is screen printed. "I find that making these prints is a more fun process and more playful, which then feeds back into the next set of collagraphs."

Jane is a member of the Leicester Society of Artists.